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Politics Magazine's Reed Award Winner

Politics Magazine's Reed Award Winner
A.L. Anderson-Lazo - Fri Feb 20, 2009 @ 09:05AM
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San Diego -- Empower San Diego in collaboration with PSD, Common Cause, League of Women Voters and The N3TWORK organized a costume canvass around SDSU on Halloween, 2008. As part of the national Trick or Vote effort organized by the Bus Federation we won "Best GOTV Plan & Execution" by the Politics magazine's Reed Awards.

Reed Awards

2009 Reed Award Award Winner "Best GOTV Plan & Execution"

The Campaigns & Elections' Politics magazine Reed Awards were judged by political luminaries from across the political spectrum, including Morton Blackwell, Tucker Carlson, Tom Davis, Monica Dixon, Ben Dworkin, Vic Fazio, Martin Frost, Julie Germany, Shane Greer, Ken Khachigian, Mike Hennessy, Ron Klain, Mike Krempasky, Kevin Madden, Mark, McKinnon, Dick Morris, Terry Nelson, Christie Pelosi, Amy Pritchard, Larry Sabato, Ron Silver, Jamal Simmons, Michael Steele, George Stephanopolous, Robert Traynham, Joe Trippi, Suzanne Turner, Vaughn Ververs, Amy Walter, Christine Todd Whitman, and Reid Wilson.

Comments: 6


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